16 March 2009

"How I Got Hooked!" by Spike Fremont

I met Cara in a chat room and we talked. It was cool. She suggested we write together, so we did. She suggested pickup lines as a jumping off point for fiction, and I was in. That was the genesis of our collaboration on “Pickup Lines from a Pickup Truck.”

We picked lines and developed stories around those lines. Then we traded stories and giggled. Then we picked new lines and wrote, traded and giggled. Ultimately, we had eight stories and Cara suggested that we should submit them. I was game; what did I have to lose?

Cara knew of Red Rose Publishing and suggested we submit our stories with them. I readily agreed. After many weeks of consideration, Red Rose Publishing agreed to publish them.

After we signed agreements, our stories were assigned to an editor. I was a new writer and the editing process was new to me. Having an editor suggest, gently, changes that would improve my stories, was a welcome experience. It was arduous but helpful, and I think the writing and stories were improved by the editor. I was reticent at first, since I have an M.A. in English, but an independent accounting of your work is always helpful.

Soon thereafter, those stories were published as “Pickup Lines from a Pickup Truck.” I was hooked. I developed a website, rudimentary at best, and started blogging. I wrote a short story, “A Slice of Life,” and submitted it. RedRosePublishing.com was kind enough to publish it. I had a great experience with my editor and cover artist.

My career and children make it difficult for me to support the books as much as I would like, but I am connected to RedRosePublishing.com. My books are available on Amazon, Diesel, Crescent, etc… and folks are reading my blog. While I am not famous, I enjoy being published and hearing from those that have read my stories. I have several other projects in various states of production, but I will always remember the first time I was published!

Spike Fremont

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