14 March 2009

Get Your Mind Right!!

Hello Red Rose fans! I'm here to drop a little of of info your way. Next Thursday is my birthday!! Yippee! At the RRP chat room, we'll be a March Birthday Bash! So, mark it down on your calendar on make sure you stop on over for the party. There will some fabulous authors from RRP, a contest or two and some great laughs to boot.
So, if you wanna party us the March babies of RRP come check us out. Even your a March baby too, swing by and tell us.

Don't let the party start without you. Jot down the info and come ring in our March birthday bash!!!
Come for the party, stay for the fun.
Hugs to all,
Raven Starr


Nancy Famolari said...

Happy Birthday next Thursday! I'm a March baby too, but the first week! Isn't it great to be a Pices!

Raven Starr said...

Yes it is! Thanks for the birthday wish! Are you coming to the Pisces Birthday Bash?