13 March 2009

Something Pumping...New Marie Rochelle book

Something Pumping Blurb:

Plumber Cage Harrison didn’t have a clue that when he answered a plumbing problem at Nothing Too Old that he would meet her. She was everything and he meant everything he was looking for in a woman: Sexy, intelligent, beautiful and independent. He wanted to get to know her better, but would she be interested in dating a blue collar man like him?
Jaleena Falcon could barely keep herself from falling over the man that came to her rescue about her plumping problem. Lord, she didn’t think the world made hunks like him anymore. She couldn’t wait to get to know Cage better.
However, two things might prevent that from happening, her ex-con brother and Cage’s ex-girlfriend who doesn’t seem to be able to let him go.

Coming Soon from Marie Rochelle

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